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Jake Hill

Chinese Girl Starts 21 day Tour to Survive on Bitcoin

In China, most of the payments are now being converted to digital where people in China are able to pay using smartphones for the services and products. According to SCMP, A Documentary has been made called ‘Bitcoin Girl’ which consist of a young woman named He Youbing. She has to...


Chinese Crypto Traders Use Tether & VPN to Bypass the Ban

Recently the financial authorities of China said the government is going to ban 124 foreign cryptocurrency exchanges. Thus the Chinese Crypto traders won’t be able to access foreign cryptocurrency exchanges. Currently, According to the latest updates from SCMP Chinese crypto traders are using tether and VPN to bypass the...


Supreme Court Allows Blockchain to Verify Evidence in China

In China, the Supreme Court has now allowed using blockchain to legally verify the authenticity of evidence presented during the court case. This was officially announced yesterday by the Supreme court. Internet Courts in China are set in motion on account of a number of online crimes taking place. Also,...

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