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AT&T Provides Blockchain Automation Solution for Enterprises

While other Enterprises are building blockchain products for their company, AT&T has developed a blockchain solution to automate processes. This solution can be used by other enterprises in the supply chain, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and others.  The company made an official announcement on Wednesday that it has built a...

Jake Hill

South Korea Uses Samsung's Blockchain for Customs Service

South Korea Customs Service (KCS) is planning to use Samsung’s blockchain technology in order to reduce fraud and keep the custom’s system decentralized. According to Samsung SDS, CEO Won-Pyo Hong stated that the company will develop a blockchain platform (Nexledger) for export customs logistics service. This will be...


Lithuanian Marathoners Earn Cryptocurrency as they Run

In Lithuanian, fitness enthusiast can now earn cryptocurrency during their run or workouts. Last week there was a marathon in Lithuania’s capital city and 15,000 runners participated. As reported by runnerworld, Among these participants there were 4000 runners who used Lympo Run app. This application helped marathoners to...


Supreme Court Allows Blockchain to Verify Evidence in China

In China, the Supreme Court has now allowed using blockchain to legally verify the authenticity of evidence presented during the court case. This was officially announced yesterday by the Supreme court. Internet Courts in China are set in motion on account of a number of online crimes taking place. Also,...

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