Blockchain technology is a type of distributed ledger that consists of blocks of information that are linked together in an encrypted chain of transactions. It allows for a highly secure form of surveillance and also has the potential to power brand new applications, platforms, and business models entirely.

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Paypal interested in Blockchain if not Bitcoin

The financial services company – Paypal believes that it is not the right time to declare bitcoin as the future of payments. However, the firm is undertaking blockchain projects and “doesn’t want to miss out this opportunity” Undoubtedly, the advent of bitcoin has taken the entire world by storm. Particularly,...


Moody's Research alerts on risks of Private Blockchain

One of the major players of the so-called Big Three Credit Rating Agencies – Moody’s Investor Services has warned the corporate industry of risks involved in private or centralized Blockchain. Amidst the rapid adoption of blockchain , the rating company highlights on the potential impact of this technology on structured finance...


Indian Coffee Trading To Use Blockchain based Marketplace

The government of India has come up with an intuitive plan of using blockchain based marketplace for coffee trading in the country. Essentially, the decentralized nature of blockchain eliminates the role of middlemen and aids both buyers, sellers to get fair and market value price for their product. In fact,...

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