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Paypal interested in Blockchain if not Bitcoin

The financial services company – Paypal believes that it is not the right time to declare bitcoin as the future of payments. However, the firm is undertaking blockchain projects and “doesn’t want to miss out this opportunity” Undoubtedly, the advent of bitcoin has taken the entire world by storm. Particularly,...


Bitcoin developers have achieved Lightning Payment using Radio

Per recent twitter reports, two bitcoin coders from different countries have successfully achieved international lightning payment via radio waves. Traditionally, the lightning network is known as payment protocol which lies on top of blockchain network like bitcoin. But the recent tweets from prominent bitcoin developers confirms that it is now...


Bitfury to Open Bitcoin Mining Centre in Paraguay

Bitfury is planning to Open Bitcoin Mining Centre by a partnering with Commons Foundation in Paraguay. As per the Press release report, Bitfury announced their partnership with a Korean R&D company Commons Foundation. And together they would launch the Bitcoin Mining Centre in Paraguay. In this Mining centre, they...


Thief Steals Bitcoin ATM Machine in California

In California, A Thief steal Bitcoin ATM Machine from a Bakery. This crime was caught on a security camera. As per the report of CBS Los Angeles, The Thief broke in the bakery to steal Bitcoin ATM Machine. The Belwood Bakery which is located in Brentwood village, Los Angeles has...

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