In China, most of the payments are now being converted to digital where people in China are able to pay using smartphones for the services and products.

According to SCMP, A Documentary has been made called ‘Bitcoin Girl’ which consist of a young woman named He Youbing. She has to travel and survive 21 days experiment using Bitcoin. This Tour covers most prominent cities like Shenzhen, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai.

Bitcoin Girl Tour Experience

He Youbing starts the trip with $ 1,400 USD worth Bitcoin from August 28th. And this trip involves using Bitcoin to get Food, accommodation and traditional currency.

But As her journey starts its shown in the documentary that she is facing several hurdles to convince the food sellers to accept Bitcoin.

“I have no idea what bitcoin is.” A Shenzhen Cafe Owner said as he refused to accept bitcoin from He Youbing.

After showing some of the issues He Youbing is facing. Later she finds some people on a group who accept bitcoin and provide her with snacks and food. Then a crayfish restaurant which is located in the southern coastal city of Shenzhen Accepts Bitcoin from her. And she also exchanges bitcoin for some cash from a yoga teacher in order to pay for accommodation.

He Youbing’s trip is for 21 days so she is currently on the way to Shanghai which is the final destination of the trip.

The reason behind this Experiment

This is mainly done to educate the people in China and create awareness about cryptocurrencies. So that the people of China know the about cryptocurrency and benefits of using it.

The producers of the documentary received a lot of offers from cryptocurrency companies to fund the experiment. But they have refused to accept any at this time.

Bitcoin Girl is going to complete her journey soon so let’s wait for her official comment and experience after she finishes her Tour completely.


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