In China, the Supreme Court has now allowed using blockchain to legally verify the authenticity of evidence presented during the court case. This was officially announced yesterday by the Supreme court.

Internet Courts in China are set in motion on account of a number of online crimes taking place. Also, Due to the increase in the copyright infringements cases in the country. These internet courts will deal with the cases those occur online.

According to the Supreme court, these new rules released will support the internet courts in China to verify the pieces of evidence in a case and can stop evidence tampering by using blockchain technology.

The electronic data submitted by the parties can prove their authenticity through electronic signature, trusted time stamp, hash value check, blockchain and other evidence collection, fixed and tamper-proof technical means or through electronic forensic evidence platform certification. [translated] said the Supreme court

Also, A Court in Hangzhou, from the Zhejiang province has become the country’s first to use blockchain to verify pieces of evidence. Here in the case of a media company vs a tech company, the court ruled that blockchain can be used as a method to verify the authenticity of digital evidence presented in the court.

Last time we had seen police has arrested 3 suspects who had stolen cryptocurrency worth 600 million yuan ($87 million USD) in China. Such cases will be handled by internet court in China. And Thus blockchain can be used to verify the evidence produced in the courts.

The blockchain is one of the best ways to verify the authenticity of digital evidence. Maybe after this other countries will try to adapt blockchain to verify evidence.


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