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Amazon may soon start accepting Cryptocurrencies

Amazon has not been one to shy away from innovation, as they have recently hinted that cryptocurrencies may soon be accepted. The company is looking to expand their payment options by allowing Bitcoin for purchases, as they are hiring a digital currency and blockchain product lead This move will appeal...

Jake Hill

15000 Cryptocurrency Scam Bots Affect Twitter Users

The problem of cryptocurrency scam bots seems to be increasing consistently. According to a report, there are 15,000 different scam bots on Twitter alone. This clearly indicates that it is difficult for the Twitter users to actually protect themselves from the crypto bots. Moreover, these crypto bots actually are...


Regulatory concerns may force Twitter to ban Cryptocurrency ads

After Facebook and Google, popular microblogging site Twitter may plan to implement crypto ad ban in coming two weeks. This statement is still an ‘Unconfirmed report’ and yet to be officially confirmed. As reported by Sky News, through this new policy of regulation Twitter could prohibit advertising initial coin offerings(...

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