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Amazon may soon start accepting Cryptocurrencies

Amazon has not been one to shy away from innovation, as they have recently hinted that cryptocurrencies may soon be accepted. The company is looking to expand their payment options by allowing Bitcoin for purchases, as they are hiring a digital currency and blockchain product lead This move will appeal...


Amazon has Launched its Managed Blockchain Platform

World’s largest E-commerce company, Amazon has launched a managed blockchain platform to support blockchain companies. Here other companies will be able to create their own low-cost blockchain network. This platform was unveiled on Wednesday at Amazon’s re:Invent conference. On their official website, they said that this service...


Is Amazon a threat to Bitcoin?

More and more people are looking to invest in Bitcoin. Earlier, it was only the tech-savvy people as well as teenagers who looked to invest in Bitcoins. However, currently, each and every person is looking to invest in Bitcoin. In fact, individuals with the high-risk profile are mortgaging their home...

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