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Jake Hill

15000 Cryptocurrency Scam Bots Affect Twitter Users

The problem of cryptocurrency scam bots seems to be increasing consistently. According to a report, there are 15,000 different scam bots on Twitter alone. This clearly indicates that it is difficult for the Twitter users to actually protect themselves from the crypto bots. Moreover, these crypto bots actually are...


Australians are Plagued by Cryptocurrency Scams

The National consumer Watchdog in Australia has released a critical report which clearly states that the cryptocurrency and trading scams are growing at a rapid pace. They are currently facing the 2nd biggest scams in the country. The independent government and the authority normally enforces the rules for the consumer...

Jake Hill

Aussies Lose Big in Cryptocurrency Scams

Cryptocurrency scams are happening all over the globe. However, Aussies lost a significant amount of cryptocurrencies last year. The total amount stands at US$ 2.1 million. This includes the amount which had to be paid via ransoms or the amounts which are lost fake ICO’s. This is an...

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