Amazon has not been one to shy away from innovation, as they have recently hinted that cryptocurrencies may soon be accepted. The company is looking to expand their payment options by allowing Bitcoin for purchases, as they are hiring a digital currency and blockchain product lead

This move will appeal to an ever-increasing number of internet users who have turned away from traditional banking methods in favor of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

The tech giant Amazon is seeking an experienced product leader to develop its Digital Currency and Blockchain strategy. The candidate will leverage their expertise in cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, distributed ledger technologies (DLTs), central bank digital currencies, as well as a deep understanding of currency markets from around the world.

This person will be responsible for driving overall vision and product strategy while developing innovative solutions to help speed up business processes across Amazon's transactional platforms that allow payments acceptance & experience teams make faster decisions than ever before!

One of the ads posted on LinkedIn reads that,

"You will leverage your domain expertise in Blockchain-, Distributed Ledger-Central Bank Digital Currencies- Cryptocurrency-"to develop the case for capabilities which should be developed," drive overall vision & products strategies at Amazon Payments

Amazon has announced that it is developing a new customer experience initiative. The product lead will work closely with teams across Amazon, including AWS to develop the roadmap and launch strategy for this project.

A spokesperson from amazon said "We are always looking at ways we can improve our customers' shopping experiences and make it easier".

Also, Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Cloud arm of Amazon, currently offers a managed blockchain service. In order to keep up with this demand and innovate in new areas, they are hiring for their next digital currency and blockchain product lead who will need "to operate with high level autonomy". This person would be responsible for using customer data insights to build innovative solutions that have not been seen before.

Other Companies in Silicon Valley show keen interest in Cryptocurrencies  

Apple has also recently posted an ad looking specifically at business development managers working on alternative payment providers such as cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin-related products like wallets or peer-to-peer lending services - so it seems there is plenty of work out there!

Elon Musk is confident that Tesla will resume Bitcoin payments in the near future.
Furthermore,  the CEO of electric car company Tesla and space exploration firm SpaceX has confirmed what many bitcoiners have long been waiting for – more acceptance from mainstream companies who are now taking a keen interest in cryptocurrencies as an alternative payment method. He stated on twitter: “We’ll continue to monitor developments with regards to cryptocurrency regulation at both state & federal levels before we can start accepting them again, but it looks like things [are] starting"

On the similar lines,  Jack Dorsey  Twitter CEO is in opinion that - online world needs a global currency, and our focus is on Bitcoin because with this cryptocurrency, we can reach every single person on the planet.

Do you think, this initiative by Amazon catalyze other tech companies to see the brighter side of Cryptocurrenices ? Share your thoughts in the comments section below

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