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eToro is opening up cryptocurrency trading desk in London

EToro traditionally has been a forex broker. However, in the last few years, eToro has expanded its services for cryptocurrency trading as well. The eToro brokerage house has gained a lot of traction in the cryptocurrency niche as well. That is why eToro is consistently looking to expand. In order...


Ripple Gets Sued Again By Another Investor

It seems like the legal trouble for Ripple Inc. Keep on increasing. The company is now facing a class action lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, Ripple is actually a security for the California state law. Another investor recently sued ripple stating that it is a security in spite of claiming...


Indian Banks Associate To Use Blockchain For Faster Trades

Banks accountable for roughly 50% of India’s inner transaction have combined in an association which intends to present blockchain technology to obtain faster trades and lessens barriers to approving new financial loans. According to Abhijit Singh, head of technologies in ICICI Bank Ltd, one among those association founders stated...

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