In Lithuanian, fitness enthusiast can now earn cryptocurrency during their run or workouts. Last week there was a marathon in Lithuania’s capital city and 15,000 runners participated.

As reported by runnerworld, Among these participants there were 4000 runners who used Lympo Run app. This application helped marathoners to earn cryptocurrency while they are running. The app had partnered with the marathon and sponsored the event. They also launched it on Play Store for other Lithuanian fitness enthusiasts to earn cryptocurrency as they workout.

“It’s a winning combination to offer our runners a new way of motivation for their quest to achieve health goals and have Lympo Run supporting this year’s Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon,” said Marathon Director Darius Mikulis.

Fitness Crypto app pays to reach your health goals

Lympo Run app keeps track of the user’s fitness goals or workouts, if the user reaches it then they pay cryptocurrency. This has three aspects to its workout application.

1. It tracks users workouts.
2. Pay users LYM tokens as rewards.
3. Users can purchase services on the Lympo marketplace using LYM tokens.

There are some other applications which work on a similar concept to Lympo Run. Like SweatCoin and Fitcoin which tracks fitness and pays with cryptocurrency. Therefore Lympo Run is working with marathons and other events to gain traction among the fitness community.

Also, we had looked upon Lithuanian and the use of cryptocurrency is increasing in the country. Even products and other services can be purchased with cryptocurrency. Lithuanian is one of the countries where cryptocurrency technology is used and has been developing very well.

Fitness space is a very huge market around the world. And it needs to leverage cryptocurrency to provide its users with a new way of interaction. Lympo Run has brought one of the ways to combine cryptocurrency with fitness. This app needs to still grow and reach worldwide. Currently, the app is available in Lithuanian and will reach the United States and China by end of the year. So other users around the world need to wait until they extend their reach to other countries soon.

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