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Jake Hill

Facebook To Develop Crypto-Based Payment Service

Facebook is recruiting several financial firms to support its cryptocurrency payment service that is currently being developed. According to CNBC, The social media giant is taking the support of several financial firms and online merchants to launch its cryptocurrency based payment service. They are talks with Visa and MasterCard about...


Honeywell to sell Aircraft Parts using Blockchain Tech

The multinational company Honeywell is rolling out its new aircraft trading sector which will use blockchain technology. The trading site ‘GoDirect ‘ will serve as a e-commerce platform for buying and selling aircraft parts. Thus the introduction of decentralized tech provides transparent business for both the parties. The challenging task when...


Blockchain jobs are on surge, reports LinkedIn

While bear market witnesses a huge slump the demand for blockchain developers is an all-time high. The report by popular business social network LinkedIn – 2018 US Emerging Jobs indicates that the role of blockchain developer is increasing rapidly. The highlighting aspect of report is that demand for blockchain developer has...


UNICEF to Invest in Blockchain based Startups

World famous charity association, the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund(aka UNICEF) has decided to invest in blockchain related projects through its Innovation Fund. Reportedly, each project will receive an amount of  $100,000 to come up with working prototype by next year. The targeted ventures majorly involves...


Amazon has Launched its Managed Blockchain Platform

World’s largest E-commerce company, Amazon has launched a managed blockchain platform to support blockchain companies. Here other companies will be able to create their own low-cost blockchain network. This platform was unveiled on Wednesday at Amazon’s re:Invent conference. On their official website, they said that this service...

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