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Latest News of all cryptocurrency mining projects being build and hardware used for mining of cryptocurrency.

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FireFox Quantum Blocks CryptoMining Malware

Mozilla has released their latest version of web browser FireFox Quantum. In which they have added a feature to block Cryptomining Malware(CryptoJacking). According to Mozilla Blog, On May 21st they introduced their new Firefox Quantum Browser with the feature to block Cryptomining Malware. Last year Mozilla Foundation had planned...


Bitfury to Open Bitcoin Mining Centre in Paraguay

Bitfury is planning to Open Bitcoin Mining Centre by a partnering with Commons Foundation in Paraguay. As per the Press release report, Bitfury announced their partnership with a Korean R&D company Commons Foundation. And together they would launch the Bitcoin Mining Centre in Paraguay. In this Mining centre, they...


Razer Adds Cryptocurrency Mining Support for Gamers

Razer, one of the worlds largest gaming hardware manufacturer adds support to cryptocurrency mining. This can be done when users systems are idle. but the user won’t be able to keep the cryptocurrency and only will get rewards. According to Motherboard, Razer has partnered with GammaNow, which is a...


Crypto Mining Firm Bitmain Closing in Israel

Bitmain, one of the largest manufactures for cryptocurrency mining equipment is now Closing its operation in Israel. According to local Israeli publication, Bitmain had set up its development center started in 2016 at Ra’anana. And due to the fall of the cryptocurrency market, they had no choice but to...

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