Gamers using Asus laptop have a great advantage now, as they can use their excess processing power for crypto mining. The news came into light when Asus announced on Thursday about their partnership with mining app Quantumcloud.

Per the official statement, the users can earn passively by making use of unused power and the earned money can be cashed out through PayPal or WeChat accounts without having to create unique ids.

To elaborate further, the mining app is capable of using idle GPUs owned by gamers on the network and which will then be used by cloud-based crypto miners to generate profit. While owners of these cards will be given a percentage of the tokens mined. Of course, the mined tokens are based on the portion of power provided by the gamers.

Also, the company promised to protect financial data of users as per the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) laws.

Apart from mined tokens users also have the privilege to make fiat money transfers. Essentially, the app also takes care of Digital wallet management, cryptocurrency mining mix, conversions, and transfers.

However, the Quantumcloud also adds a disclaimer that,

Earning rates may change based on the performance of the cryptocurrency market and cannot be guaranteed or influenced in any way by Quantumcloud.

Although the offers of this kind seem very enticing for individual miners the fact is that prominent cryptocurrency like bitcoin requires dedicated chips such as  – ASIC  chips for a significant amount of profit.  Majorly this is due to the power consumption involved in solving complex algorithms.

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