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Crypto Mining Firm Bitmain Closing in Israel

Bitmain, one of the largest manufactures for cryptocurrency mining equipment is now Closing its operation in Israel. According to local Israeli publication, Bitmain had set up its development center started in 2016 at Ra’anana. And due to the fall of the cryptocurrency market, they had no choice but to...


Startups Obtain $600 Million Through ICO's in Israel

There has been a growth in the area of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Israel. Thus making Startups who work on such technologies obtain funding easily. In 2018, Startups in Israel have raised approximate of $600 Million through ICO(Initial coin offering). According to the research by One Alpha, which is...


Blockchain used in Cybersecurity By Israel Authorities

Cybersecurity is an area where blockchain needs to be implemented in-terms to secure the data. This is currently being done by Israel Securities Authority as they are using blockchain to enhance cybersecurity. According to timesofisrael, Israel Securities Authority (ISA) has launched a blockchain based messaging platform known as ‘Yael’. This...


Israel Target Bitcoin Traders on Social Media

The Israel Tax Authority (ITA) has been banning Bitcoin trading for some time. So now they explore on social media channels for Bitcoin traders. Traders are warned to disclose all trades and wallets also to report returns. At the beginning of the year, the authority declared taxation on cryptocurrency. Thus,...

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