Razer, one of the worlds largest gaming hardware manufacturer adds support to cryptocurrency mining. This can be done when users systems are idle. but the user won’t be able to keep the cryptocurrency and only will get rewards.

According to Motherboard, Razer has partnered with GammaNow, which is a crypto mining platform for gamers. GammaNow supports ether tokens thus will be mined by gamers from their idle computers. Thus Razer doesn’t get any cryptocurrency nor do the users who mine it.

However, the users who mine using razor’s mining software will gain loyalty points called silver. These can be used to gain a discount on products sold by Razor.

Razer spokesperson Kevin Allen said the gaming hardware company doesn’t touch any of the cryptocurrency. But they get a fee from the 3rd party for generating cryptocurrency.

Gaming PC to Start Crypto Mining

Gammanow the platform to mine cryptocurrency for gamers has already purchased silver points from Razor and thus provides the users with silver loyalty points which can be used to purchase razor products.

For getting started the gamers must download the mining software called “Razer SoftMiner”. Using this software the users will be able to generate silver. and mining cryptocurrency is resources intensive so its good for the high-end graphics card computers.

The number of silver you can get all depends upon the type of graphics card and how long can you keep it for mining. Thus it all depends upon the performance and time spent to mine cryptocurrency.

Last time we had seen, Asus offering Gamers to use their idle Laptop power for Mining. But here the users will be able to cash out their mined tokens. 

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