Mozilla has released their latest version of web browser FireFox Quantum. In which they have added a feature to block Cryptomining Malware(CryptoJacking).

According to Mozilla Blog, On May 21st they introduced their new Firefox Quantum Browser with the feature to block Cryptomining Malware. Last year Mozilla Foundation had planned to come up with new features in upcoming updates and one of to have a blocker for CryptoMining Malware.

As the cryptocurrency industry is expanding, the criminals are preferring crypto jacking techniques to be more efficient for making money. And an IBM researcher found out that Cryptojacking as one of the major cyber attacks in 2018.

On Mozilla’s blog they explain, crypto mining malware is used to mine cryptocurrency by utilizing your computer’s CPU which is going to benefit someone else or third party who has installed such scripts on their website. Thus with this latest updates, user can block the crypto mining malware.

Mozilla’s blog says,

“Firefox Quantum gives you the option to “flip a switch” in the browser and protect yourself from these nefarious practices.”

Now users can go to their privacy and security tab in the Firefox Quantum browser and select Custom and check “Cryptominers”. After this now even if there is any website using crypto mining scripts it will be blocked by the browser.

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