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Fortnite Store To Accept Monero Cryptocurrency

One of the most popular games of 2018, Fortnite to accept Monero cryptocurrency. Now the gamers will be able to purchase merchandise from Fortnite store using Monero Cryptocurrency. There is no official statement made by Fortnite but, one of Monero’s developer tweeted that Fortnite is going to accept Monero...


Razer Adds Cryptocurrency Mining Support for Gamers

Razer, one of the worlds largest gaming hardware manufacturer adds support to cryptocurrency mining. This can be done when users systems are idle. but the user won’t be able to keep the cryptocurrency and only will get rewards. According to Motherboard, Razer has partnered with GammaNow, which is a...

Jake Hill

Valve Crop Dropped a Game from Steam Store for Crypto Mining

There have been several numerous scams related to crypto mining. This is a first time as it appears on the gaming platform, a game called ‘Abstractism’ was accused of crypto mining using players computers. The Game used “Cryptojacking” Cryptojacking is a term used to describe a computer systems resources are...

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