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Indian Crypto Exchange Moves Towards Australia

One of the largest crypto exchanges in India, Zebpay a Singapore-based company is expanding its services towards Australia. The exchange announced on Twitter, Australian users will be able to buy Bitcoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin using Australian fiat currency using Zebpay. But Zebpay had to shut down its...


Indian Coffee Trading To Use Blockchain based Marketplace

The government of India has come up with an intuitive plan of using blockchain based marketplace for coffee trading in the country. Essentially, the decentralized nature of blockchain eliminates the role of middlemen and aids both buyers, sellers to get fair and market value price for their product. In fact,...


Indian Government launches Crypto Forensic Lab

The government of India has launched a national level crypto forensic lab which will guard against any cyber crimes related to cryptocurrencies. With digital sector growing at rapid pace in India, it becomes very essential to protect the system which rely on the digital system. Particularly due to anonymous nature...


Fraud Crypto Racket of 14 Million Busted In India

Crime branch in the city of Mumbai, India’s has caught a gang who were involved in crypto racket worth 14 Million USD (Rs 100 crore). According to Local Media TOI, Crypto Investors from Indian cities like Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Surat have been cheated in investing on cryptocurrency....


Indian Government to finalize Crypto Regulatory framework

A recent RTI report confirms that the Indian government is on the final leg of amending the crypto regulatory framework. The government authorities of the country were in process of creating a regulatory framework for crypto-related transactions. This task was taken care by the Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) headed by Subhash...

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