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Microsoft Emails Hacked to Loot Cryptocurrency

Microsoft Outlook, Hotmail and MSN email accounts have been hacked to loot cryptocurrency from the users. According to Vice-motherboard, Microsoft email services have been breached and several victims claim that hackers have stolen their cryptocurrency. Now hackers have access also to the contents of the mail of outlook users. Thus...


Criminal Hackers Prefer CryptoJacking Over Ransomware

Criminal Hackers prefer Cryptojacking over Ransomware because it’s an efficient money-making scheme. An IBM researcher discovered Cryptojacking as one of the major cyber-attacks in 2018. According to report by IBM, Their X-Force Red Research team monitored millions of spam and phishing attacks daily and checked webpages and images to...


Indian Government launches Crypto Forensic Lab

The government of India has launched a national level crypto forensic lab which will guard against any cyber crimes related to cryptocurrencies. With digital sector growing at rapid pace in India, it becomes very essential to protect the system which rely on the digital system. Particularly due to anonymous nature...

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