While bear market witnesses a huge slump the demand for blockchain developers is an all-time high. The report by popular business social network LinkedIn – 2018 US Emerging Jobs indicates that the role of blockchain developer is increasing rapidly.

The highlighting aspect of report is that demand for blockchain developer has increased 33 times in the past 12 months. Among which the top rated skills noted were Solidity, Blockchain, Ethereum, Solidity, Cryptocurrency, Node.js. Also cities with higher demand included San Francisco, New York City, Atlanta

Apart from blockchain, the second major skill to keep an eye for is Artificial Intelligence with ‘six out of the 15 emerging jobs are related in some way to AI‘. The report also quotes that market demand for machine learning engineers has increased almost 12 folds when compared to last year. The required skill set included are deep learning, machine learning, tensorflow, Apache Spark and natural language processing

If  we look at review from past three years for blockchain positions on LinkedIn site, there were 645 openings in 2016 for keywords – blockchain, bitcoin, cryptocurrency. By 2017, the number surged to around 1,800 and to 4,500 vacancies by mid-May of this year. The current stats shows that sum of 13,816 results for blockchain and 2,479 for the keyword cryptocurrency.

One of the report from job review site Glassdoor, blockchain position had total of 1775 vacancies in US  for the month of August 2018. This is almost an 79% increase when compared to last year.

Of course, you might be a resident of the city other than the US but this trend is sure to affect the rest of the world. All these stats are an indication that blockchain is here to stay 

What do you think, will blockchain become a widely accepted tech in near future? Share your thoughts in the comment section below

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