Twitch, a popular live streaming platform which is majorly used by gamers to stream their game. And during the gameplay users will be able to donate money or cryptocurrency to them.

The Gamer, Sick Nerd was streaming RuneScape video game on Twitch and received a donation of 20 Bitcoins($73,000). This was not at one stretch but first, he received 4 bitcoins and then he received the rest during the steaming. Sick Nerd at first thought someone was pranking him but then he knew that it is real.

Thus the gamer took time to thank the mysterious benefactor on twitter. He mentioned on the tweet that,

Thank you to my mysteriously benefactor whoever you are, genuinely a life changing amount of money that I or nobody deserves but look what happened

Runescape the game he streamed has over 200 million users. It is an adventure fantasy game and is a popular game among the gamers community.

Cryptocurrency for Gamers

This is the first time a gamer has received largest donation using cryptocurrency in twitch platform.

Cryptocurrency is slowly integrating with the video games industry in one way or the other. Last time we had seen Razer, one of the worlds largest gaming hardware manufacturer adds support to cryptocurrency mining.

This shows that the potential in the cryptocurrency is going to increase as they will be integrated with the video games industry.

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