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98 Prosecuted In China For Cryptocurrency Fraud

A local prosecutor’s office in China recently prosecuted 98 people. They recovered the amount equivalent to $ 267.5 million. This was in connection to a pyramid scheme which involved investing in cryptocurrency by the name of OneCoin. Last time we had also seen a teacher who was forcing his...

Jake Hill

Operation Crypto-sweep to cleanse the Cryptocurrency Industry

Crypto-sweep is the operation which is launched by the regulators in Canada as well as the United States. The operation is launched in order to cleanse the cryptocurrency industry of the fraudulent cryptocurrency investment schemes. The North American securities administrators Association recently stated that over 40 states in different regulators...

Jake Hill

A Victim Of Bitcoin Fraud In France Has Lost 700,000 Euro

According to the Local French news, reported on May 9th, there were bitcoin frauds that took place in Bordeaux region of France. The number of victims was as many as 15 and was still increasing. One of the victims was cheated up to 700,000 euros (about $834,000 USD)...

Jake Hill

Centra Tech Founder Arrested Over Fake ICO

Centra Tech Inc, A Cryptocurrency company co-founder Raymond Trapani was arrested on Friday. The arrest was due to cheating investors into funding more than $25 million by lying about an ICO. According to Bloomberg, The Company Centra Tech is making false claims of having developed a prepaid card allowing users...

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