According to the Local French news, reported on May 9th, there were bitcoin frauds that took place in Bordeaux region of France. The number of victims was as many as 15 and was still increasing. One of the victims was cheated up to 700,000 euros (about $834,000 USD).

According to reports, Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency, and victims hope to invest in bitcoin through an investment platform. In fact, this speculative platform located outside China has cheated the users. In the new Aquitaine region of France, about 15 victims have been reported to the police. The amount of fraud per person amounts to tens of thousands of euros.

One of the victims even sold two houses to invest in Bitcoin and was cheated to a total of 700,000 Euros. The money was transferred to the Bulgarian account, transited to Israel, and then transferred to an Asian account.

The head of economic and financial affairs at the Bordeaux Regional Judicial Police Department stated that the number of alarms is still on the rise and reminded that there is no such thing as a goose that lays the golden eggs. These victims all thought that it was a good deal to make money.

The director of the Bordeaux Police Department also emphasized that if anyone is discovered to be cheated, they must promptly call the police. In a very short period of time, money may still be recovered. In order to eliminate people’s doubts, the French securities regulator has released the blacklist of speculative platforms online.

The reports also say these scammers are very professional, have mastered the language of the financial sector, and create a trusting atmosphere that lures investors through very attractive profits.

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