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Canada's Local Crypto Exchange Expands towards Europe

Coinsquare, one of the largest crypto exchanges in Canada is expanding its services to 25 European countries. According to, The European investors will have access to all the services provided by Coinsquare crypto exchange. The spokesperson of Coinsquare said, We went live in beta for 25 European countries...

Jake Hill

Ethereum Blockchain Explorer built by The Canadian Government

According to a statement released by the National Research Council of Canada, an Ethereum blockchain explorer has been built by them. The blockchain explorer was built under the industrial research assistance program. The organization further stated that it is building for executing the applications in the near future. The organization...


Hydro Quebec to suspend Power requests form Mining Industry

Hydro Quebec, Canada’s biggest electric supplier will temporarily halt orders from cryptocurrency miners.  This decision was taken with the intention to furnish electricity demands to the whole province. The power utility is currently now facing unprecedented requirement from block-chain businesses that surpasses Hydro Quebec’s short- and – medium-term capacity....

Jake Hill

Operation Crypto-sweep to cleanse the Cryptocurrency Industry

Crypto-sweep is the operation which is launched by the regulators in Canada as well as the United States. The operation is launched in order to cleanse the cryptocurrency industry of the fraudulent cryptocurrency investment schemes. The North American securities administrators Association recently stated that over 40 states in different regulators...

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