Aditya Birla group which is one of the largest conglomerates in India was targeted by hackers in order to mine cryptocurrency. This is the 1st such cryptojacking attempt by hackers in India.

Over 2000 different computers of the company were used for mining cryptocurrency. The computers were used without proper authorization. The processor of the computers was used in order to mine cryptocurrency.

The attempt was 1st detected by a foreign subsidiary of the company over one month ago. The malware thereafter spread across many different computers and eventually impacted 2000 machines of the business group. The malware is such that it not only used the processor of the computers in order to mine cryptocurrencies but also disrupted the normal working of the machines as well. Owing to this very reason, it was imperative for the company to stop this attack. Also, the attack also stole information from the computers. As a result, attempts are being made to find out which kind of information was leaked to due to the malware.

According to a spokesperson for the company, the threat management systems of the company are consistently monitoring the situation. The extent of the damage is also being determined. The attack was detected by the threat management systems of the company. As a result, major steps were taken in order to remove the malware in order to secure the machines of the group.

Owing to the quick efforts taken by the protection systems in place, the spread of the malware was limited to just 2000 machines. As a result, the malware spread is under control as well. I investigation is also on to find out how the malware found its way to the machines of the business group. Currently, there are different countermeasures which are being utilized in order to ensure that such an attack does not happen once again.

Also, there has been no data loss due to this particular hacking attempt. That is why business is running as usual when it comes to the business. The cryptocurrency which was being mined by this cryptojacking attempt is Monero. Monero is often used by the hackers because it is not easy to detect the cryptocurrency. That is why, even after detecting the attack, it is very difficult to find out who was behind the attack. As a result, the investigation is still on a date has not been found as to who was using the systems of the business group.

Also, Bitcoin is widely known and that is why it is not used by the hackers for cryptojacking. It remains to be seen whether any other business houses are impacted by cryptojacking in India in the upcoming future or whether this is just a one of the instance.

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