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Jake Hill

Bithumb Updates On Recovery and Security of The Platform

Bithumb was hacked and 30 billion Korean Won worth cryptocurrency was stolen on the June 20th. After the incident took place. Bithumb asked its customers to not deposit any funds until further notice. Today Bithumb updated its progress and plan on its website. Recovery of the Stolen Crypto Assets According...

Jake Hill

Hackers Take 30% Of Assets From Coinrail Crypto Exchange

The South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinrail lost 30 percent of its own crypto assets in the cyber attack. To secure the rest they moved the remaining 70 percent of its assets to cold storage vaults. They are also conducting the appropriate investigations to the attack suffered by the platform on...

Jake Hill

The Attacks On Cryptocurrencies Are Increasing

The 51% attack as it is known, is becoming more and more common. Verge, Bitcoin Gold as well as other cryptocurrencies are getting hit by the same attack as well. As a result, double spending is becoming even more uncommon. The latest currency which faced this problem was Bitcoin Gold....


Verge cryptocurrency was attacked 2nd time in 2 months

It seems like bad news keeps coming for the verge cryptocurrency. Recently, executives of the cryptocurrency claimed that just suffered a DDOS attack. This is actually the 2nd such hacking attempts on the verge cryptocurrency. As a result, the blockchain is lacking significantly. Also, there are quite a few investors...

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