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Bank of Thailand gives Green signal for Bank to do Crypto-dealings

As per recent the report published by Bank of Thailand(BoT), all the local banks can now proceed with cryptocurrencies dealing. This involves issuing digital tokens, crypto brokerage services, invest in cryptocurrencies through subsidiaries. Although the Bank of Thailand(BoT) has regulated cryptocurrency usage on a broader spectrum, all the...

Jake Hill

Banks sued by Polish Bitcoin Association over cryptocurrency ban

The Polish Bitcoin Association is one of the most leading groups pertaining to cryptocurrencies in Poland. Recently, it sued the banks as they were not providing banking facilities to the cryptocurrency related forms. This was after the banks decided that no banking facilities will be provided to companies operating in...


Kotak Mahindra Bank Ties up with Ripple

Kotak Mahindra Bank has recently tied up with ripple. It will be using the ripple net protocol in order to initiate the cross-border payments. With the help of this protocol, it will be able to initiate and conclude the cross-border payments within seconds. Earlier, there was speculation that the central...


Irish lenders denying banking services to Bitcoin Sellers

Many of the Irish companies which are providing cryptocurrency related services or which are trading in cryptocurrencies are not able to access formal banking facilities. They have complained that either, they have to stop trading or they have to set up foreign bank accounts in order to trade in cryptocurrencies....

Jake Hill

Will Central Banks Start Decentralization of Money?

The question which is remained in the minds of the cryptocurrency investors for a long period of time is whether money should be only authenticated by the banks or whether independent sources of wealth can also be considered. Even if Bitcoin does not match fiat currency in terms of a...

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