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10 Easy Ways to Protect Your Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have become a huge part of everyone’s lives around the world, and they have been adopted by society in their masses. They have also gained the attention of cybercriminals who are always looking for a way to steal people’s cryptocurrency stash, and so we constantly need to...


Security firm reports a vulnerability in EOS Smart Contracts

According to information published by CryptoCoinSpy, the security firm Chengu LiaAn Technology Co. They claim to have found a “critical vulnerability” in the EOS smart contracts. The error detected by the security agency is very similar to “barchOverflow“. This had compromised the security of a significant number of ERC20 tokens....


Moscow Crypto Traders Protected by Private Security Companies

Trading Cryptocurrency in Cash is now risky in Moscow, Russia. Thus, Private Security Companies offer protection for crypto traders. This is due to the number of crimes taking place while dealing cryptocurrency in cash. Cryptocurrency not regulated in Russia As the cryptocurrencies are not regulated in Russia. The Police in...

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