Recently, Kaspersky Lab announced that North Korea was behind the hacking of a cryptocurrency exchange. It used Windows as well as Mac OS for the first time.

According to the company, the malware goes by the name of AppleJeus. The malware was incorporated into the systems of the cryptocurrency exchange after one of the employees accidentally downloaded the affected application. According to the company, the application had fake security certificates as well. Also, the developer was entirely fake as well. The company believes that Lazarus Group of North Korea is behind the attack.

The aim of the malware was to steal the cryptocurrency funds. Also, previously as well North Korea has made numerous attempts to hack the cryptocurrencies.

This time around, North Korea made sure that irrespective of the operating system that is whether it is Windows or Mac OS, the hack goes through. That is why it developed a malware which worked on both the platform is. This ensures that the rate of failure was actually on the lower side.

Mac OS malware attacks are becoming more and more common. Such an attack was discovered in the month of July as well. This clearly indicates that hackers are no longer restricted by the type of operating system on which the machine runs. They are becoming more and more versatile. As a result, the malware which they are developed for hacking is irrespective of the operating system. With the increasing frequency of the hacking attempts, it is becoming more and more difficult for the cryptocurrency exchanges to secure their users as well. Also, there are different groups of hackers which are trying to hack the cryptocurrency exchanges. That is why the vulnerabilities of the cryptocurrency exchanges are being exposed almost on a daily basis.

It is now up to the cryptocurrency exchanges to ensure that they are able to secure their operations. If indeed, they are able to secure their operations; such news will be a thing of the past. Irrespective of the threat of the hacking groups, they will be able to secure their users more easily. That is why the cryptocurrency exchanges need to be proactive. If the cryptocurrency exchanges are indeed proactive, it will become much easier for the users to store a significant amount of money in the cryptocurrency exchanges.

It remains to be seen whether the security of the cryptocurrency exchanges increases in the future or whether that remains around the same level. With that being said, it is becoming difficult for the cryptocurrency investors to keep their money in their cryptocurrency exchange accounts.

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