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Earn rewards by HOLDing your cryptos in ZebPay wallet

ZebPay, a cryptocurrency exchange in India, is now offering its customers the opportunity to earn returns from their crypto holdings. The new feature will start by supporting earnings on bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), tether (USDT), polygon (MATIC) binance coin(BNB). Users can choose how much they want to save and...


Ethereum might soon add Wallet fee to support developers

The creator of Ethereum blockchain network – Vitalik Buterin has apparently proposed an increase in transaction fee on the network with an intention to fund the developer community. It is evident that the Ethereum network has witnessed a huge surge in its user base and being the second largest blockchain in...


Ethereum Wallets Planning to add Scheduled Transaction Feature

MyCrypto Wallet is the first to start implementing scheduled transactions for Ethereum and this has been called as ‘Ethereum alarm clock’. This wallet was founded by Co-founder of MyEtherWallet. As Reported by CCN, This feature of scheduling transactions can be used by any existing Ethereum wallets. Users must just connect...


Bancor Exchange hacked, $12 Million worth ETH Stolen

Famed Decentralized exchange Bancor is been hacked and $12 Million worth ETH stolen. On Monday, July 9, the company made an official statement on social media site Twitter, that due to a security breach, all of its operations have been halted and currently investigating the matter. As per the initial...


Ethereum Explained

Most of the people are not aware of the fact that Ethereum is actually the name of the blockchain and the cryptocurrency known by the name of Ether. Ether is traded with the acronym ETH. It can be easily purchased on a wide variety of cryptocurrency exchanges. Definition: Ether is...

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