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Microsoft Emails Hacked to Loot Cryptocurrency

Microsoft Outlook, Hotmail and MSN email accounts have been hacked to loot cryptocurrency from the users. According to Vice-motherboard, Microsoft email services have been breached and several victims claim that hackers have stolen their cryptocurrency. Now hackers have access also to the contents of the mail of outlook users. Thus...


Microsoft integrates Blockchain into its chain of products

Apparently, it’s clear that tech giant company Microsoft is gradually integrating Blockchain technology into its chain of products. It will be no longer when Microsoft might become the next pioneer in providing services backed by blockchain tech for a wide range of products. Recently Microsoft published news about integrating...


Microsoft includes Proof-of-Authority Protocol on Azure

Recently, the so-called tech behemoth Microsoft has included new consensus protocol called Proof-of-Authority to its Azure platform. In fact, this was one of the protocols already supported by Ethereum and being used in the VeChain blockchain. It is well-known fact that, most of the blockchain space leverage the traditional Proof-of-work...


Microsoft starts accepting Bitcoin cash payments

Despite the frequent changes in Bitcoin value famed tech giant Microsoft has decided to enter the world of cryptocurrency. In a recent report, the multimillionaire company has shown interest in accepting Bitcoin cash as means of payments for the apps, video games (Xbox) and other items available in Windows store....

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