Apparently, it’s clear that tech giant company Microsoft is gradually integrating Blockchain technology into its chain of products. It will be no longer when Microsoft might become the next pioneer in providing services backed by blockchain tech for a wide range of products.

Recently Microsoft published news about integrating blockchain backed tools into its cloud platform called Microsoft Azure Workbench. Soon after realizing it enormous benefits in various sectors, the company has quietly pushed these blockchain services into Office 365 Outlook, Share point Online, Salesforce, CRM Online, Dynamics 365 CRM Online etc.,

Now the question arises as to what made Microsoft make such a huge transformation for a range of products. To understand this let take a look at all the products quoted above, essentially these are connected to cloud in one way or the other.

Perhaps one of the main reason DLT’ is used in the Azure platform is that a large amount of data being collected from multiple companies will be in unstructured format but with blockchain, these insights can be obtained in a structured manner.  This eventually can turn out to be an engine which can mine understandable data of all sorts infinitely.

Thus the company is planning to make  Azure blockchain workbench as a central hub to provide various enterprise-level services and creating blockchain app easier. Also, the major connecting apps such as Microsoft Flow, Logic Apps which bridges thousands of different applications are integrated into this cloud platform.

As per Matt Kerner, the General Manager at Microsoft Azure, this is a direct consequence of Big Data evolution. Eventually, cloud computing enabled departments within the same company to break out of their data silos and collaborate on heterogeneous data sets, along with usage of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).  He further explained that,

“Blockchain empowers the next step – enabling a single, authentic data set shared across counterparties. This is already improving the way transactions happen”

What do you think of this shift in usage of Blockchain tech by Microsoft? Let us know your thoughts in following comment section.

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