Microsoft Outlook, Hotmail and MSN email accounts have been hacked to loot cryptocurrency from the users.

According to Vice-motherboard, Microsoft email services have been breached and several victims claim that hackers have stolen their cryptocurrency.

Now hackers have access also to the contents of the mail of outlook users. Thus they can easily reset the password of any crypto trading account and steal the cryptocurrency. This is due to a hacker gained access to Microsoft customer support worker’s login credentials and after that, they can access any normal users Outlook, Hotmail or MSN accounts.

One of the victims Jevon Ritmeester lost over 1 bitcoin which is valued at $5,000 currently. He suspects that this was done by the hackers as they had access to his outlook emails.

Ritmeester also added that,

“The hackers also had access to my inbox allowing them to password reset my account and withdrawal my Bitcoin”

Hackers had enabled email forwarding to his outlook account where any mail consist of term “Kraken” would be forwarded to the hackers.

Also, Ritmeester is not the only victim of this Microsoft email breach. Because as several victims also posted their cases on the forums regarding similar hack which took place using their email accounts.

The mistake by Ritmeester was that he didn’t enable two-factor authentication on Kraken. Thus the hackers were able to easily reset the password only using this email. If only he had enabled two-factor authentication then it would be hard for them to gain access to his Kraken account.

Microsoft has told to Motherboard that customers who have impacted must contact the Microsoft support team for assistance.

Ritmeester told motherboard that that Microsoft is not taking this issue seriously and is taking this lightly. Because a lot of users have suffered a similar type of damage. Thus he is planning to file a police report and thinking to hold Microsoft liable for the finical damages.

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