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TikTok Bans Crypto Ads on its Platform

TikTok has announced that there are new guidelines in place for the type of content allowed on their platform. Starting now, users will not be able to post any promotional posts about financial products even if they live outside the US. The article from FT Adviser states that TikTok's branded...


Indian Government to finalize Crypto Regulatory framework

A recent RTI report confirms that the Indian government is on the final leg of amending the crypto regulatory framework. The government authorities of the country were in process of creating a regulatory framework for crypto-related transactions. This task was taken care by the Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) headed by Subhash...


Mining Apps are banned from Google Play Store

Google has apparently banned all mining apps on its play store. But with minor tweaks which allows remote managing of mining hardware. The company has made these changes in its Google developer’s Policy as published on Android Police. Also, it is to be noted that all extensions related to...


Facebook lifts ban on Cryptocurrency but not on ICO's

Earlier this year, social media giant Facebook had banned all products and services related to cryptocurrencies with the intention to stop deceptive promotions, But yesterday, the company made an announcement on its policy updates to allow few crypto ads to promote on their platform. However, the company still holds the...

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