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Indians Warned by the Police On Crypto Investments

The Police of Jammu and Kashmir, India has issued an advisory warning to the public on crypto investments. The officials state that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have very high risks. According to a local Media, On January 2nd the police has warned the public regarding “heightened risk” of investing in cryptocurrency....


Apparently India is willing to legalize cryptocurrency

As per the recent report, a new committee formed by the indian government might support legalizing the cryptocurrency. However, this would involve stringent regulations to be followed. Its well-know fact Indian crypto community is going through various challenge due to complete ban declared by RBI earlier this year. Ever since...


'Innovation Society' of India to promote Blockchain

Apparently few states in India do believe in the potential of Blockchain tech and have decided to promote the same. The so called ‘Innovation Society ‘ of Andhra Pradesh state or APIS(Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society) has emerged with an aim to build blockchain ecosystem and foster the development of the...


HSBC Performs Blockchain Payment in India

HSBC, British Banking organization has recently performed a blockchain payment in India. This transaction involved two companies Reliance industries and Tricon Energy. According to Times of India, This blockchain payment took place between parties one is the 2nd largest business in India, Reliance Industries and other is a US-based firm...

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