Famed Tor Project which is known for providing anonymity for millions of users around the globe, will now accept direct crypto donations.

Crypto donations are not a new thing to the Tor team, prior to these popular digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum was accepted via BitPay a company that converts crypto payments to fiat before passing it on to its merchant clients.

However, now the recent statement on the donations page indicates that users can donate in nine different cryptocurrencies.

Also, the fundraising director of Tor Sarah Stevenson mentioned that crypto donations can be sent directly to Tor, which will convert the funds through the Kraken exchange.

With more number requests for direct wallet addresses, and crypto being source for preserving privacy, it makes more sense to provide this option.

The list of cryptocurrencies includes bitcoin, bitcoin cash, dash, ether, litecoin, monero, Stellar lumens, zcash and the Augur project’s REP tokens.

The main aim of Tor Project is to facilitate digital anonymity and there are thousands of them out there who support for this cause. These include developers, designers, relay operators, researchers, cryptographers, computer scientists, and privacy advocates.

Essentially these contributions are never paid, and crowdfunded money will allow them to diversify their donor base and is unrestricted. It allows them to spend the money on the projects the company thinks are most important and respond quickly to changing events.

If you wish to contribute to this open source project, go to this donation page link.

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