ZebPay, a cryptocurrency exchange in India, is now offering its customers the opportunity to earn returns from their crypto holdings.

The new feature will start by supporting earnings on bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), tether (USDT), polygon (MATIC) binance coin(BNB). Users can choose how much they want to save and make money off of their coins with Zebpay Earn at an interest rates ranging between 7.5% for USDT; 2%, 1.5% respectively for DAI and ETH ;1%.

ZebPay offers users the ability to take advantage of earning rewards. Interestingly this new "Earn" function offered by exchanges like them are typically reserved only for traditional currencies such as US dollars.

You can earn returns on your crypto balances just by storing them at the Zebpay exchange. There’s no minimum requirements, and you don’t need to take any action whatsoever—just hold onto your cryptos for as long as possible in either a spot or trading wallet!

How can you start earning?

According to the company, you'll be paid by a whole month's worth of earnings in one payment at the beginning of each new cycle. Earnings are credited monthly with payments on or before 7th day.

The monthly earnings will be credited by the 7th of the month, so all your hard work can pay off. The smallest unit is 1 satoshi (0.00000001 BTC), which was named after bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto.

Earlier in the month of May, the company had launched Lending Platform, which allows users to lend their crypto to ZebPay and earn returns based on the coin and its lending period.  This Earn allows users to continue trading their coins, whereas users cannot trade the coins lent with the ZebPay Lending Platform before maturity.

Furthermore, the CEO of ZebPay Avinash Shekar, emphasized on the benefits of the Earn feature and quoted that,

With Earn, we are removing the threshold of having to lend one’s crypto for a certain amount of time. We are now enabling ZebPay users to not only continue holding but also continue trading while earning returns on their balance.

The idea here is to let the customer's coins earn for them in more than one way as they sit in their wallets. Along with this every customer HODLing their coins for long-term returns as well as those short-term customers trading on exchange.

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