North Korean Hackers have been stealing cryptocurrency from solo investors. The cybersecurity firm Cuvepia has discovered over 30 attacks on solo investors by North Korean Hackers.

According to South China Morning Post (SCMP), This plan to hack solo investors shows that they are not targeting crypto exchanges and other financial institutions. Maybe this is due to the recent increase in the security of the crypto exchanges.

Simon Choi, the founder of the cyber warfare research group IssueMakersLab, said

[ctt template=”7″ link=”22_uC” via=”yes” ]“Previously, hackers directly attacked exchanges, They targeted staff at the exchanges, but now they are attacking cryptocurrency users directly.”[/ctt]

Also, Choi added that this might be due to the current sanctions imposed by US and UN on North Korea. And the country is facing economic difficulties and thus they are taking advantage by hacking cryptocurrency.

North Korean Hackers Bait Crypto holders

The hackers send an email as a bait to the cryptocurrency holders. And when the email is opened and a malicious file is downloaded, it infects the user’s system and the hackers control it. After that, they will steal the cryptocurrency using the user’s system.

The North Korean hackers recently have stolen cryptocurrency from some of the wealthy South Koreans said, Choi. because these hackers know, CEO’s and heads of wealthy firms will be holding a huge amount of cryptocurrency. Thus in one attack, they can get more cryptocurrency then from an ordinary person.

The CEO of Cuvepia, Kwon Seo-Chul said to SCMP that, it’s easy for hackers to hack cryptocurrency because there is nowhere one can complain if its hacked. And for that reason, hackers have been hacking cryptocurrency.

Recently, Kaspersky Lab said that North Korea Hackers were behind the hacking of a cryptocurrency exchange. Where they used Malware to hack Mac OS(Apple’s Operating System).

It’s now up to antivirus and firewall software firm to add-on cryptocurrency protection for investors. Because this is one way where investors will be able to keep their cryptocurrency safe.

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