According to news from Japan on May 7, the current pillar of the semiconductor industry in Japan is gradually shifting. They are moving from mobile semiconductors to cryptocurrency mining machine semiconductors.

Such a trend in Japan is not new. In the past 10 years, with the rise of the mobiles, smartphones and tablet chips. They all have replaced desktop PC chips and become a star in the semiconductor industry. As time passes, smartphone demand began to saturate, the market growth was weak, and the PC chip market began to face the embarrassment. Today they are shifting towards cryptocurrency mining industry as it is booming. Especially in the region of bitcoin mining machine as the representative of the chip industry. The semiconductor industry has become a pillar of the beginning.

The situation Japan is facing may be even more severe. Japan’s electronic products, especially mobile phones and other mobile electronic products, have long been surpassed by Korea and China. But in Cryptocurrency era, Japan become the world’s most important markets. With the cryptocurrency mining industry, the demand for semiconductor products is growing rapidly, or it will become the new pillar of the industry.

On May 4, 2018, the Japanese Internet giant GMO plans to spend US$320 million to invest in bitcoin mining. Hoping to grab a slice of its own R&D chip. However, in the mining machine chip market structure has been dominated by China, South Korea’s Samsung is also aware of the situation, companies from Japan want to come later, but there are still some difficulties. Of course, with Cryptocurrency development of the industry, mining will not be considered limited to PoW force mining products, so new opportunities are still there.

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