Popular TV Show Silicon Valley telecasted on HBO channel has made an episode based on cryptocurrency theme. Specifically, Episode 7, Season 5 of TV show talks about ICO funding.

The episode whose title says ‘Initial Coin Offering’ is projected based on fictional decentralized internet startup Piped Piper pursing for an ICO. Along with this, the hyped TV show has an opening shot from popular bitcoin exchange Coinbase drawing all interest towards its crypto fans.

This episode from HBO became viral in the crypto community especially social media site Reddit, which quoted it as great Market exposure for newbies.

Fictional Piped Piper ICO

The story revolves around the character Bertram Gilfoyle, who happens to be head Piped Piper and comes up with the idea of ICO.  According to him, investing in ICO would be a win-win situation as management wouldn’t have to be bothered about diluting the control to Venture Capitalist and not to worry about ‘Volatility of Cryptocurrency’.

The episode is depicted with real-time connection with ongoing events in crypto space and due to the fact that Blockchain consultants involved in the making of the show.

As told by the character Gilfoyle  in an interview with TechAtBloomberg,

“What attracted me was the passage an ICO offers across the river sticks of venture capital. What attracted me was an informed disdain for traditional fiat currency, its paper stained with the greasy fingerprints of your banks and your mints.”

Shows like these entering into Television landscape has huge opportunity to impact on a wider audience with respect to cryptocurrency. Recently in “Craig of the Creek” show from popular kids channel Cartoon Network, had an episode wherein child trying to make an exchange using bitcoin as a means of payment

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