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Stock Exchange in Germany to Start Crypto Trading Platform

Jake Hill
Jake Hill

The second largest stock exchange in Germany, Boerse Stuttgart Group is going to start Crypto Trading Platform. The Stock exchange has partnered with a financial technology company solarisBank. They announced their partnership Wednesday saying they will work together to build a crypto trading platform.

solarisBank has its full banking license in Germany and provides companies to create their own financial products. Thus they will help Boerse Stuttgart Group to build infrastructure for digital assets and provide crypto trading banking services.

Boerse Stuttgart Group, CEO Alexander Höptner said, solarisBank is a great partner for them because of its technology and banking expertise.

Höptner also added that,

solarisBank’s Blockchain Factory supports us in taking trading in cryptocurrencies and tokens to the next level and in setting new standards in transparency and reliability

The Crypto Trading Platform will consist of Bitcoin and Ethereum to trade at the beginning of the platform. Later in the future, they might introduce other tokens. This platform will be open to both private and institutional investors.

solarisBank CEO Roland Folz says, both the companies share the same ambition to shape the future of the financial industry.

The platform is currently being developed, so one it’s fully created it will be launched and tokens issued it in will be available for trading in the secondary market.

Comment below to let us know what you think about this partnership and the launch of the crypto trading platform.

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Jake Hill

Coming from a University Education in Computer Science, I am interested in blockchains and Bitcoin since 2014 and even mined at the time. The rumors of Bitcoin bubble made me run away, but I have com