Digitec and Galaxus, the largest online retailers in Switzerland are now accepting cryptocurrency as payment.

According to the reports, customers now shopping at Digitec and Galaxus can pay using crypto. The cryptocurrencies accepted by online retailers are Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron, OmiseGo, and NEO.

Oliver Herren, the co-founder, and CEO of Digitec said,

“Cryptocurrencies are fascinating and likely to become a relevant means of payment in e-commerce – we want to support this development”

Digitec and Galaxus have over 2.7 million products in their store. And accepting cryptocurrency would attract more customers to their business. Herren also added that in future they want crypto millionaires will buy from their store.

Instead of creating their own wallet or crypto exchange. Digitec and Galaxus have taken the support of Coinify to exchange cryptocurrency. Coinify only helps them to convert cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies such as Swiss francs.

How does this work for a customer?

When a customer selects a product on the online retail stores of Digitec and Galaxus. They have to buy over 200 Swiss francs to enable crypto payment.

If the customer selects cryptocurrency as the mode of payment. They will be redirected to Coinify page where they need to choose the crypto to pay. Coinify confirms the payment within a few minutes.

Digitec and Galaxus do not charge any extra fees for crypto payments. But Coinify charges a 1.5% fee as cryptocurrency conversion rate.

Do you purchase from Digitec and Galaxus? And will you use cryptocurrency to buy from them? Share your thoughts in the comment below

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