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Moody's Research alerts on risks of Private Blockchain

One of the major players of the so-called Big Three Credit Rating Agencies – Moody’s Investor Services has warned the corporate industry of risks involved in private or centralized Blockchain. Amidst the rapid adoption of blockchain , the rating company highlights on the potential impact of this technology on structured finance...


Advantages of Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrencies have become more famous. However, apart from cryptocurrencies, the technology behind them that is the blockchain technology has also gained fame. These days, blockchain technology is used by various industries in order to create software as well as provide decentralized applications as well. The advantages of blockchain technology are...

Jake Hill

Mexico Launches First Public Blockchain Tender

The Mexico government is the first one to launch public blockchain tender. It is a well-known fact that blockchain technology can be used for easing of the bureaucracy. As a result, many authorities are launching tenders as well as managing various departments on the blockchain technology. On the cryptocurrency, investors...

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