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Jake Hill

IBM to add Blockchain Technology to Lenovo's Data Centers

IBM has announced that it will add blockchain technology to the customer services of Lenovo’s Data Centre. This blockchain-based solution will be deployed around 200 counties. According to the press release, Blockchain technology will be leveraged by Lenovo to monitor the details of software and hardware being used in...

Jake Hill

IBM & HACERA to Build Yellow Pages for Blockchain Networks

IBM together with HACERA, a Blockchain Company is set to introduce yellow pages of Blockchain Networks. This is built to support other companies around the world to participate in blockchain projects. HACERA is the first member to join the IBM’s Blockchain ecosystem. This Yellow pages will be identified as...


IBM teams with FX giant CLS to launch blockchain App Store

IBM has tied up with CLS in order to launch a store based on the blockchain technology. It will specifically provide applications for banks. The companies are already launching a proof of concept which is being used by 9 different financial institutions. The proof of concept will involve services from...

Jake Hill

IBM is Exploring Stable Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. This can be seen in the present year as well. Bitcoin was trading around $ 19,000 at the start of this year. Currently, it is trading at around $ 7400. This clearly indicates how volatile cryptocurrencies can be. The volatility in cryptocurrencies is also one of the...

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