IBM together with HACERA, a Blockchain Company is set to introduce yellow pages of Blockchain Networks. This is built to support other companies around the world to participate in blockchain projects.

HACERA is the first member to join the IBM’s Blockchain ecosystem. This Yellow pages will be identified as ‘Unbounded Registry’ and will consist of all the decentralized blockchain networks. said Jerry Cuomo, vice president of IBM blockchain in IBM Blog.

By working with HACERA and other members of Unbounded Registry, we see a future where consumers and providers of blockchain services will be able to discover each other and begin transacting in a more secure way and where technology providers and consumers can innovate and integrate to create limitless and unbounded possibilities. added Cuomo

The list on the platform contains big companies like Intel, Oracle, SAP, Hitachi, Huawei, and others. But it also consists of Startups too who are working on blockchain projects.

In the Unbounded Registry, Each project consists of the information and latest updated about it. Also after registration, it provides information to connect with the respective blockchain project members.

This platform will be a great means of information for startups and companies who want to work on the blockchain, or Companies to Adopt blockchain technology in their ecosystem.

Last time IBM partnered with Maersk to build supply chain platform based on the blockchain technology. It is created for a goal to support the supply chain industry and they have registered over 94 different firms all over the world.

This lets us know how much IBM is interested in Blockchain technology and is working on several different projects simultaneously.

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