One of the Biggest Crypto Investment Platform of Brazil, ‘Atlas Quantum’ has been hacked last Saturday. This attack was not to steal cryptocurrencies but to gain data of customers. Over 264,000 users personal data has been leaked during this hack.

Altas Quantum is facing this attack for the first time. where its customer data is being compromised, data such as customer name, phone number, email and balance of the crypto assets in their accounts. These details are very critical and if it enters into the wrong hands then might cause issues to customers of the platform.

This Investment platform has disabled some of its features in order to investigate the cause of this hack and they are also trying to find the accounts which were breached during this hack.

We are monitoring the affected accounts and working to have additional protection against fraud. Some features of the platform have been temporarily disabled, as a precaution, since we need to ensure security. We will notify you when they are reactivated. according to their Facebook post.

About Altas Quantum

The Investment platform is very popular in Brazil. And lets users to invest and trade cryptocurrency and make a profit if prices of crypto assets go high. They have around 100 employees who work in it and the platform houses $ 30 million in crypto assets.

There are some speculations about the company which promises quick gains in a few days. So some people consider that the company might be running some Ponzi Scheme. But we still don’t know if it’s real or a Ponzi scheme all we can tell our readers to always identify the right trading platform before investing in any cryptocurrency.

Thus, The Platform has informed the customers about the attack and they will be available for the customers 24×7 if any query is raised regarding this incident.  Hope the crypto investment platform will be able to recover soon from the attack and enable all the features of the platform so that customers will be able to trade again.

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