The South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinrail lost 30 percent of its own crypto assets in the cyber attack. To secure the rest they moved the remaining 70 percent of its assets to cold storage vaults. They are also conducting the appropriate investigations to the attack suffered by the platform on June 10.

Regarding the investigations

The report was released by coinrail by means of a statement published on its portal, where they states that the altcoins stolen were Pundi X (NPXS), Aston (ATX) along with Enper (NPER). It also states the cryptocurrency transactions are suspended until further notice. The company reported the incident to the Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA), a state agency that reacts to cyber attacks.

The Exchange does not indicate the number of funds hacked but the information printed in the press cite an approximate amount of 37 million dollars in altcoins. A spokesman for the state bureau KISA advised a regional media that they had been exploring whether the reason for the hack was because of problems in network or hack, and the analysis process could take about 1 month, throughout the which is shared with representatives of additional trade homes involved and also the programmers of their tokens.

After spreading the news, Coinrail was posting messages onto his Twitter account describing the situation to the general public.

Pundi X Suspends NPXS Transactions

The CEO and co-founder of Pundi X, Zac Cheah, confirmed in their blog that through an unauthorized suspicious transaction, 2,619,542,080 NPXS tokens were transferred to the IDEX exchange, for which they are collaborating with Coinrail. and the South Korean police in the investigation of the cybernetic intrusion. All trades with NPXS, a market representing 3 percent of its existing supply, are frozen to contribute to the procedure.

Zac Cheah adds the Pundi X along with the Coinrail team moved into the IDEX market to take the crucial measures to suspend the accounts involved with the suspicious transactions of NPXS, which makes 100 percent of those NPXS tokens Affected are traceable.

Coinrail doesn’t deal with a substantial quantity of trades in the cryptocurrency marketplace, standing 98th among all cryptocurrency exchanges in a world and with a normal daily trade volume of about $ 2.4 million, based on data in CoinMarketCap. But information concerning the hack into their funds might have affected the decrease in global capitalization of this cryptocurrency marketplace that happened this June 10.

This kind of cyber attack is just one of those problems of concern to investors and that is confronting exchange, both decentralized and centralized, and that motivates them to create an increasing number of security developments in their applications. In Binance a malicious bot created last March that a huge purchase of tokens, without the permission of the users.

The Coinckeck was also the victim of cybercriminals who previously breached its platform this year to steal 530 million dollars. But Coincheck recovered and made a plan to come back after the being a victim of cyber attack.

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