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Bitcoin transactions in these countries are inexpensive

Its evident that most countries are in the race of having their share in rewards earned by citizens in bitcoin transactions. Below mentioned are the few countries which are crypto-friendly for investors. Germany being part of European Union has made an announcement in last month for treating bitcoin as a...

Jake Hill

How Cryptocurrency Startups bypass Facebook Ad ban

Facebook announced on last month that it is banning all the cryptocurrency ads present in their advertising network. Anything which is related to binary options, initial coin offerings, or cryptocurrency they will ban those advertisements. They also mentioned that this policy is a part to improve their integrity and security...


Ethereum Will Create Financing Programs To Develop Scalability Proposals

As a measure in the face of the increasingly urgent need to increase the scalability of the Ethereum platform, Vitalik Buterin announced the creation of two subsidy programs to train independent teams to join the research and development projects for solutions to this problem. to various blockchain projects. Buterin explained...

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